A Vision. A Mission.  

Basically, the reason we get out of bed every morning.  

We started WMT because we were seeking a creative outlet that ensured a connection with our community.

When we say community at WMT, we think of the Baha’i community and the greater community. We both have strong connections within Seattle to artists, to folks in hip hop/music circles, food and culinary circles, communities of holistic healing and health, and different spiritual communities.

Ultimately, we saw a need amongst people in all these communities for more support in pursuing meaningful and beautiful experiences in their individual and collective lives.

Within the context of Baha’i communal life, we have shared several really joyful and energizing experiences of collaborating with each other to host holy days and other gatherings. Through WMT, we want to continue to contribute to a vibrant, creative communal culture in our local community and beyond.

We chose an online retail format to start with because we were excited to get our ideas out to the public right away. We have used our savings for this initial launch, working out of Carolyn’s home studio in our spare time, and working around our full­time jobs.

Carolyn has a fine arts/design background and Kirby has a producer background and currently owns and manages her own business. We have a lot of ideas, so we are in the process of looking for capital to support product development.

Our plans so far include: greeting cards and decorations for all major Baha’i holy days, a Badi’ calendar, postcards, thank you cards, quote compilation booklets, guides for spiritual routine and daily living, virtue cards, purposeful kits and gift boxes, and collaborative products with a focus on healing and inspiration.

Our vision is to support individuals and communities in a more seamless connection between their mind, spirit, and intellect as they seek meaning, purpose and connection. We truly believe that small gestures and moments of beauty can empower and inspire, and have a large impact.

To this end, we want to encourage people in their expressions of generosity, gratitude, joy, and tenderness. We want to empower those who feel they lack creativity to engage with the arts, especially in times of celebration. We want to offer spiritual remedies to daily ills. We want to encourage people of all spiritual backgrounds to value and grow their inner life.

Through designed and curated items, through pop­up events, through collaborations with other artists and neighboring businesses, and through offering our consulting and planning services for celebratory events, we hope to grow from our simple beginnings of Ayyam-i-Ha cards online.

To ALL aspiring dream chasers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and the like: As you envision new endeavors, ask yourself if it truly fits within your understanding of your purpose in life. If it does, then do not underestimate your innate talents and abilities. Ask for help if you need it, find a collaborator or surround yourself with like­-minded individuals who support you. And of course, maintain a learning mode as you go!

Sometimes it can take awhile to feel that the timing is right. So dream and pray, seek confirmations, and when those confirmations come, summon your courage. Commit to the idea and shift the focus of your life and energy to support it.

And thank you to all of those who have given us the same advice along the way! We couldn’t have gotten here without you.